Volkswagen Service & Parts

When you buy a Volkswagen, you know you are getting so much more than just a car, and, because no one knows your Volkswagen better than we do, you will always get service and parts of the highest international standard. So make sure you give your Volkswagen the love it deserves and ensures it runs exactly as it should.

Holiday, check. Destination, check.

Free Vehicle Holiday Check, check.

Don’t spend your holiday in a workshop. Wherever you go this December, get your Volkswagen ready with a free Holiday Check. Many of our customers will be making long journeys with the people they care about. For your safety and peace of mind, we’re offering you a 20-point holiday vehicle check at no expense to you. The Holiday Check is valid until the end of November.

20-point checklist: Front Disc Pads, Rear Disc Pads, Brake Fluid Level, Engine Oil, Coolant Level/Condition, Tyre and Rim Conditions, Wipers, Exterior Lights, Caliper Seals, Exhaust System, Steering Rack, Ball Joints Tie Rod Play (Visual check on ball joint rubbers), Wheel Bearing Play, Steering Leaks, Suspension Condition, Radiator Hoses, Interior and luggage compartment Lights, Spare Wheel, Jack and Wheel Spanner, Windscreen Washer Bottle and Fluid Level.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Volkswagen Service

It makes sense to let the people who built you Volkswagen, service your Volkswagen. Ensure only the best expertise, quality and safety standards through world class customer service, and the use of 100% Volkswagen Parts

Get-Go Service

We know the peace of mind and value a good car brings, that’s why we’ve developed Volkswagen Get-Go. A new price offer that puts you back in control by telling exactly what your service could cost from the get-go. That’s why you can price, compare and confidently plan your next car service with the people that know your car best. The offer is specifically created for vehicles 4 years and older, to ensure you experience quality service and value for your money.

The Get-Go offers aims to keep you in the Volkswagen family For Life:

Polo and Polo Vivo (Petrol models) – R1 399

Polo and Polo Vivo (Diesel models) – R1 499

Jetta Get-Go Service – R1 499

Jetta Sport Get-Go Service – R1 699

Golf Get-Go Service (Petrol models) – R1 499

Golf GTI/R Get-Go Service (Diesel models) – R1 699

Caddy Get-Go Service (Petrol/Diesel models) – R1 399

Amarok Get-Go Service (Petrol models) – R2 399

Amarok Get-Go Service (Diesel models) – R2 299

Terms and conditions apply.

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Courtesy Vehicles

We always go the extra mile for our customers to ensure that they are not without transport whilst their vehicle is booked in for a Service and/or repairs.

Warranty-Related Repairs

However, please note that courtesy vehicles are for warranty-related repairs only and are free-of-charge. Should a courtesy vehicle (subject to availability) – for non-warranty related work be required, a daily fee of R350 will apply with a 100 km travel restriction per day.

Service / Service-Related Repairs

We are able to shuttle Service customers to home or work (see rates below) as we are not obliged to offer a courtesy vehicle for servicing or service-related repairs. If your vehicle is booked in for a Service and or service-related repairs and should be collected at/delivered to a surrounding area, the following rates will apply:

Jeffreys Bay

  • Free of charge

Humansdorp / Paradise Beach / Aston Bay

  • R100 (collect and deliver vehicle)
  • R50 (collect or deliver vehicle)

Cape St Francis / St Francis Bay / Patensie                             

  • R300 (collect and deliver vehicle)
  • R150 (collect or deliver vehicle)


  • R350 (collect and deliver vehicle)
  • R200 (collect or deliver vehicle)

Tsitsikamma / Port Elizabeth                      

  • R500 (collect and deliver vehicle)
  • R250 (collect or deliver vehicle)

Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions

Volkswagen Parts

At Volkswagen, we aim to keep your Volkswagen a Volkswagen by offering you a range of Volkswagen original equipment, tried and tested parts and accessories to suit your every need. At Volkswagen, the safety and satisfaction of our customers always comes first.

Volkswagen Parts are designed specifically for each individual model, ensuring optimal vehicle operations, uncompromised safety and perfect compatibility. Volkswagen owners experience consistent peak performance with Volkswagen Parts.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts®

Genuine Parts® are engineered alongside the development and production process of specific vehicle models. Genuine Parts® not only ensure the best quality with the latest technical advancements, but they also offer uncompromised safety, reliability and performance thanks to their high quality and durability. Genuine Parts® ensure they offer the lowest cost over the life of your vehicle and contribute to maintaining your Volkswagen’s resale value.

Volkswagen Exchange Parts

Fitting your vehicle with an Exchange Part will ensure an economical repair solution that is as kind to the environment, as it is to your wallet.

  • What is an Exchange Part?
    Exchange Parts are parts that have been refurbished and restored to deliver the same safety and longevity of comparable Genuine Parts, for less.
  • Why fit Volkswagen Exchange Parts?
    Volkswagen Exchange Parts are the cost-effective option to Volkswagen Genuine Parts for older vehicles (5+ years)
    • This product range offers a price advantage and satisfies the same high quality requirements as Genuine Parts – with a 12- month warranty.
    • Exchange Parts extend the service life of your vehicle and help maintain the resale value of your Volkswagen.
  • How does it work?
    • If you would like to purchase an Exchange Part and have a like-for-like part to return, the Dealer will accept your core part and perform a brief inspection.
    • Once the core is found suitable, the reconditioned Exchange Part is sold to you at a recommended retail price that is lower than what you would have paid for the Genuine Part.
    • Your original part is then returned to Volkswagen and follows Volkswagen’s re-manufacturing process.
    • This part should be fitted in a Volkswagen workshop where you can experience a quality repair service combined with technical expertise. This will also help to maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

Volkswagen  Economy Parts

The smartest and affordable addition to the current range of Volkswagen Parts, that is of outstanding quality. This is due to an intensive and rigorous development and testing programme done exclusively by our engineers, and meets the highest international standards.

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Economy Parts Brochure
Exchange Parts Brochure
  • Economical.

Specially developed for older Volkswagen models to provide low-cost repairs and maintenance

  • Brand quality.

100% Volkswagen Parts tested and approved by the Volkswagen Group development team.

  • With or without fitting.

From your Volkswagen Dealer at an attractive price. Available as complete packages including fitment or as single parts.

  • Suitable range.

From your Volkswagen Dealer at an attractive price. Available as complete packages including fitment or as single parts.

  • Clever alternative.

A clever and low-cost alternative for older vehicles which may be out of warranty.