The Transporter 6.1 Kombi

The Transporter 6.1 Kombi

The Transporter 6.1 Kombi. Good for family. Good for business

The Kombi 6.1 is ideal for families, companies and social groups. Be it for an airline, hotel or shuttle company, it’s the smart way to transport up to eight people in comfort and style. With this Kombi, you’re ready to go the distance. Afterall, who knows where your next venture may take you?

The Transporter Kombi highlights

Performance on demand

Complete with 3 powerful engine options (81kW, 110kW and 146kW) the Kombi 6.1 lets you blaze new trails on business and family adventures. The 146kW Kombi also boasts a powerful 4MOTION capability – transforming it into the most off-road ready vehicle in its class

The power is in your hands

Be in control with electromechanical, speed-sensitive, power steering. The height adjustable steering column can also be manoeuvred longitudinally for added comfort and driving pleasure.

Make every adventure a safe one

Your helpful travel companion has arrived

State-of-the-art driver assist systems help keep you on the lookout while you concentrate on your next destination. These systems include Crosswind and Park Distance Control, Post-collision Braking System, as well as Tyre Pressure Monitor.

*Availability of exterior paint finishes will vary from images shown.

Stay on course when the wind kicks up

Crosswind Assist helps the driver remain in their lane by detecting track offset caused by strong crosswinds. A sudden track offset of the vehicle can cause improper steering directions for the driver. To prevent this, Crosswind Assist will automatically course-correct from a speed of 80 km/h without the driver being aware.

Intuitive parking when you need an extra set of eyes

Park Distance Control aids positioning into parking spaces. When reverse is engaged, the vehicle assumes control of the steering. All that’s required of the driver is to operate the pedals, whilst keeping a good lookout.

When impact is unavoidable, you need secondary backup

The Kombi 6.1 features an advanced safety system that breaks automatically after a collision to prevent a second impact. After a short delay, the vehicle begins a phased braking action down to 9.66 km/h during which time the driver can take over at any point.

Prevention means keeping track of pressure drops

Displays the current pressure for every tyre and warns of deviations from the set pressure.

Optimum lighting wherever the road leads you

Get a constant close eye on what’s ahead. Even if you travel at night, the Kombi 6.1 is always the ideal companion. Especially if it’s fitted with LED headlights which feature a long light beam and high lighting volume. For the best possible visibility and a safe arrival.

See the whole picture while parking

The standard rear view camera gives you an optimised view of the area behind your vehicle. This feature utilises the screen integrated into the media system to help you navigate a safe route when reversing.

Never lose touch with what matters the most

Experience digital progress up close in the Kombi 6.1. State-of-the-art infotainment systems and the Digital Cockpit (optional only on the 146kW model) offer many new functions. The latter immediately impresses with its 10.25-inch display, intense colours and bright, high-contrast, imagery. The Digital Cockpit can be operated using the infotainment system’s touch display or via the leather-trimmed, multi-function steering wheel.

From business calls to school runs. Facilitates navigation and audio streaming while you’re on the move

Fitted as standard, the Composition Colour radio system features a 6.5-inch TFT touch-screen colour display, two USB (type-C) ports, Bluetooth, SD card slot and six speakers.

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