The Transporter Cab 6.1

The Transporter Cab 6.1

Transporter 6.1 Single and Double Cab. Gets the job done.

It takes a strong Pick Up to tackle tough jobs. From long-distance drives to hauling heavy machinery, it’s got the job done for over 70 years. And now, this local legend just received an upgrade with a sturdy dropside tray, along with 3 seats for Single Cab and 6 seats on the Double Cab. The Transporter 6.1 Single and Double Cab are set to help you, and your business grow.

Get the job done anywhere.

One of the Transporter’s defining features is its powerful 4MOTION capabilities, transforming our cab into the most off-road ready vehicle in its class. Complete with 146kW of power at your command.

Steer your career in the right direction

No matter where business takes you, you can be in control with Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering as well as height and longitudinally adjustable steering column.

Connect to your world

You can now experience digital progress up close which is standard in the Transporter 6.1 Single and Double Cab’s state-of-the-art infotainment systems and Bluetooth connectivity.

Seamlessly navigate your world with integrated entertainment at your fingertips

Fitted as standard, the Composition Colour radio system features a 6.5 inch TFT touch-screen colour display, two USB (type-C) ports, Bluetooth, SD card slot with four speakers. Our redesigned dash panel including a 6.5” colour touchscreen with App-Connect and Bluetooth capabilities. So that you can manage business calls, initiate optional onboard navigation and listen to the radio, without losing focus on the road.

Always arrive safely

State-of-the-art driver assist systems help keep you on the lookout while you focus on your productivity. These systems include Crosswind Assist and Post-collision Braking System, as well as a Tyre pressure monitor. Increased driver safety and comfort ensure peace of mind wherever your business takes you.

Prevention means keeping track of pressure drops

Displays the current pressure for every tyre and warns of deviations from the set pressure.

When impact is unavoidable, you need secondary backup

An advanced safety system that breaks automatically after a collision to prevent a second impact. After a short delay, the vehicle begins a phased braking action down to 9.66 km/h during which time the driver can take over at any point.

Stay on course when the wind kicks up

Crosswind Assist detects track offset caused by strong crosswinds on-time and thus helps the driver to remain in their lane. A sudden track offset of the vehicle can cause improper steering directions for the driver. That’s why Crosswind Assist corrects the course of the vehicle automatically from a speed of 80 km/h. The track offset is therefore significantly reduced and the influence of the crosswind blasts is largely balanced out or reduced, making your load secure, always.

Convert your hard working Transporter 6.1
to a design that works for you.

When it comes to conversions, the Transporter 6.1 offers a unique level of adaptability. This starts with the choice of two wheelbases and two roof heights. There are then three weight classes with a gross vehicle weight rating from 2.8 ton to 3.2 ton. All of the Transporter 6.1 variants come with impressive interior height in the load compartment – ideal for any type of conversion.

  • Load bed capacity of up to 4 Euro pallets
  • 2,939 mm load length

  • 392 mm board height
  • 904 mm loading height

  • 1,940 mm load width
  • Load bed capacity for up to 2 Euro pallets
  • 2,169 mm load length

  • 1,940 mm load width
  • 392 mm board height

  • 904 mm loading height

Trim Levels

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