Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories ensures your car remains 100% Volkswagen. Our extensive range of accessories provides you the opportunity to adapt your Volkswagen even more precisely to your individual needs. From transport, exterior and interior solutions to alloy wheels that perfectly complement your Volkswagen.

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up! Accessories

Mud Flap – Front

Price: R664.13

Part number: 1S0-075-111

Mud Flap – Rear

Price: R995.90

Part number: 1S0-075-101-A

Loading Lip Protection – Transparent

Price: R995.90

Part number: 1S0-061-197-B

Rubber Foot Mat – Front

Price: R880.90

Part number: 1S2-061-501-  -041

Door Strip – Stainless Steel

Price: R2 553.00

Part number: 1S4-071-303

Rubber Foot Mat – Rear

Price: R690.00

Part number: 1S0-061-511-  -041

Boot Inlay – Black

Price: R750.95

Part number: 1S0-061-160-A

Loading Lip Protection – Stainless Steel Look

Price: R1 788.25

Part number: 1S0-061-195

Polo Vivo Accessories

Loading Lip Protection – Stainless Steel

Price: R1 460.50

Part number: 6R0-061-195

Protective Chrome Optic Strip – Rear Tailgate

Price: R1 535.25

Part number: 6R0-071-360

Mud Flap – Rear

Price: R922.88

Part number: 6R0-075-101-B

Mud Flap – Front

Price: R991.88

Part number: 6R0-075-111

Mud Flap – Front Short

Price: R937.83

Part number: 6R0-075-116

Boot Inlay

Price: R1 093.08

Part number: 6R0-061-160

Textile Floor Mats – Set

Price: R703.23

Part number: 6R2-061-275-P –WGK

Polo Accessories

Boot Inlay

Price: R953.35

Part number: 2G0-061-160-A

Boot Tray

Price: R1 117.23

Part number: 2G0-061-161

Loading Lip Protection – Stainless Steel

Price: R2 012.50

Part number: 2G0-061-195

Loading Lip Protection – Transparent

Price: R675.05

Part number: 2G0-061-197

Supporting Rods / Roof Racks

Price: R5 175.00

Part number: 2G0-071-126

Door Sill Strip Set – Aluminium

Price: R1 581.25

Part number: 2G0-071-303-A

Protective Strip – Tailgate

Price: R1 117.23

Part number: 2G0-071-360

Roof Spoiler

Price: R5 968.50

Part number: 2G0-071-644-  -GRU

Mud Flaps – Rear

Price: R731.40

Part number: 2G0-075-101

Mud Flaps – Front

Price: R731.40

Part number: 2G0-075-116A

Tow Hitch – Fixed

Price: R9 073.50

Part number: 2G0-092-103

Tow Hitch – Removable

Price: R11 707.00

Part number: 2G0-092-150

Textile Floor Mats – Premium with Lettering (Set)

Price: R843.53

Part number: 2G2-061-270-WGK

Textile Floor Mats (Set)

Price: R703.23

Part number: 2G2-061-404-WGK

All Weather Mats – Front

Price: R481.85

Part number: 2G2-061-502-82V

All Weather Mats – Rear

Price: R481.85

Part number: 2G0-061-512-82V

Golf Accessories

Mud Flap – Front

Price: R945.30

Part number: 5G0-075-111

Mud Flap – Rear

Price: R899.30

Part number: 5G0-075-101-C

Loading Lip Protection – Transparent

Price: R399.58

Part number: 5G0-061-197-B

Loading Lip Protection – Stainless Steel Look

Price: R2 392.00

Part number: 5G0-061-195-B

Protective Strip for Tailgate – Chrome Look

Price: R1 483.50

Part number: 5G0-071-360

Protective Film for Sill Rail – Rear, Transparent

Price: R569.83

Part number: 5G0-071-310-B-908

Protective Film for Sill Rail – Black/Silver, 4-door

Price: R653.20

Part number: 5G0-071-310-A-19A

Mirror Caps – High Gloss Black

Price: R1 305.25

Part number: 5G0-072-530-A

All-Weather Mat – Front, Titanium, Black

Price: R961.40

Part number: 5G2-061-502-A-82V

All-Weather Mat – Rear, Titanium, Black

Price: R837.20

Part number: 5G0-061-512-A-82V

Textile Foot Mat (Set) – Black, Premium with Lettering

Price: R1 983.75

Part number: 5G2-061-270-WGK

Boot Liner

Price: R3 444.25

Part number: 5G0-061-162

Boot Tray

Price: R1 512.25

Part number: 5G0-061-161

Boot Mat

Price: R652.05

Part number: 5G0-061-210

Cargo Liner

Price: R2 564.50

Part number: 000-061-166-A

Door Strip – Stainless Steel, 4-door

Price: R1 863.00

Part number: 5G0-071-303-B

Sunblind (Set) – Rear Door Windows and Rear Window, 4 Door

Price: R3 622.50

Part number: 5G0-064-365

Supporting Rods / Roof Racks

Price: R3 915.75

Part number: 5G4-071-126

Towing Hitch (Kit) – Removable

Price: R4 565.50

Part number: 5G0-092-150-C

Amplifier – For Plug & Play Sound System

Price: R6 118.00

Part number: 000-051-180-A

Plug & Play Sound System – Spare Wheel Well, 300W

Price: R12 040.50

Part number: 000-051-419-B

Activation Document – For AppConnect MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay, Android Autoplay

Price: R5 980.00

Part number: 5G0-054-830-A

T-Cross Accessories

Door strip – Front, aluminium, with lettering

Price: R2 202.25 & Labour: R560.00

Part number: 2GM071303

Textile floor mats – Front and rear, black, premium with lettering

Price: R843.53

Part number: 2GN061270 WGK

All-weather floor mats – Front, titanium black

Price: R481.85

Part number: 2GN-061-502-82V

Cargo liner Luggage compartment plug-in module

Price: R2 564.50

Part number: 000061166A

Boot mat – reversible Velour/plastic nubs, vehicles
with variable luggage compartment floor

Price: R1 955.00

Part number: 2GM061210

Luggage net for luggage compartment, only in combination
with load lashing rings

Price: R1 374.25

Part number: 5N0065111

Mud flap – Front

Price: R800.98 & Labour: R800.00

Part number: 2GM-075-111

Footboard for the side skirt – Aluminium, with non-slip inserts

Price: R12 362.50 & Labour: R2 000.00

Part number: 2GM071691

Protective strip for the tailgate – Chrome look

Price: R1 477.75

Part number: 2GM071360

Roof box – Comfort, 340 litres, matte black

Price: R7 348.50

Part number: 000071200

Roof box – Comfort, 460 litres, high-gloss black

Price: R13 949.50

Part number: 000071200AE

Roof box – 300-500 litres, urban loader, matte black

Price: R14 219.75

Part number: 000071200AF

Bicycle holder – For bicycle frames of up to 100 mm (oval)/80 mm (round)

Price: R2 144.75

Part number: 000071128F

2 Bicycle carrier for the towing hitch

Price: R14 260.00

Part number: 3C2071105

3 Bicycle carrier for the towing hitch

Price: R15 766.50

Part number: 3C2071105A

Underlay for child seat system – Seat cover

Price: R821.10

Part number: 000019819C

Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace Accessories

Mud Flap – Front

Price: R1 408.75

Part number: 5NA-075-111

Mud Flap – Rear

Price: R1 093.08

Part number: 5NL-075-101

Side Steps

Price: R12 362.50

Part number: 5NL-071-691

Load Edge Protection

Price: R1 926.25

Part number: 5NA-061-195A


Price: R1 914.75

Part number: 000-071-913A-CH9

Rubber Mats – Front

Price: R642.85

Part number: 5NC-061-502-82V

Mats – Front & Rear

Price: R1 003.95

Part number: 5NL-061-270A

Cargo Liner

Price: R2 219.50

Part number: 000-061-166

Boot Liner

Price: R1 667.50

Part number: 5NL-061-161


Price: R1 472.00

Part number: 5NA-071-310B-ZMD

Door Strips – Front

Price: R1 696.25

Part number: 5NA-071-303

Sun Blinds

Price: R3 731.75

Part number: 5NL-064-365

Park Distance Control

Price: R2 610.50

Part number: 5NA-054-630

App Connect

Price: R5 980.00

Part number: 5G0-054-830A