Beware the confidence.

Polo has always been about confidence. It’s a car that fills you with a sense of self-belief that makes you think you can do anything. Polo has a proud and successful legacy, and it’s about to take things to next level with the launch of the much-anticipated new Polo.

The year of the Polo.

It’s bigger, faster, smarter, more economical and advanced than ever before, and it’s going to make a massive impact on a market that already considers it to be one of South Africa’s best-selling passenger cars.

We make the future real.

The new Polo boasts an incredible array of new features that will make you feel more confident than ever before. From the new TSI engine and next-generation infotainment systems to the stylish new interior and standard LED daytime running lights. New Polo exudes confidence at every curve.

Confidence at the core. Engine.

True confidence comes from within. That’s why New Polo features Volkswagen’s new generation TSI engines with Start-Stop technology and regenerative braking. With improved power and torque output, New Polo can achieve maximum torque even at low speeds, allowing the driver to go from 0 to Confident in no time.

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