The Caddy Cargo

The Caddy Cargo

The new Caddy Cargo. For whatever comes next.

The new Caddy Cargo. For whatever comes next.

Introducing, the new Caddy Cargo. A confident, capable and versatile van that’s perfect for you and your business. With innovative driver assistance systems and an ergonomic driver’s workstation, it’s made to keep up with your workload so you can be ready for whatever comes next.

Caddy Cargo highlights

Business-ready inside and out

Features that lighten the load

While you’re plotting your next business move, the new Caddy Cargo’s efficient functionality works hard to get you there. From large loads and precious cargo to building your brand image, the new Caddy Cargo is a van that’s suited to all your business needs. The stylish exterior shows that you mean business while the robust interior lets you get to business. With a large load capacity, improved technical functionality and ease of access, it’s a van that works for you.

Stylish and strong

The strength of the new Caddy Cargo isn’t just in the transportation capacity of up to 718kg and up to 100kg on the roof, it’s how much more it gives you. Have the confidence and capability to get things done with easy-access sliding doors or rear wing doors in the new Caddy Maxi Cargo, powerful Halogen Headlights that increase your driving visibility and electrically adjustable door mirrors.

Robust and convenient

The new Caddy Cargo interior is designed to create a convenient and robust workstation that lets you get to business. Durable seat fabrics and trims, a convex partition and mesh window protection help you to transport cargo effortlessly. At the same time the adjustable steering wheel and energy-saving LED technology, that illuminates your entire load, lets you stay on the road while running your business effectively.

The Composition Audio radio with a 16.5cm (6.5-inch) colour touch screen is equipped with two loudspeakers, an integrated USB type C port, plus an optional upgraded 20.96cm (8.25-inch) radio with App-Connect functionality that allows you to access your smartphone’s apps and content while on the road.

Bigger on the inside

The new Caddy Cargo’s increased loading width makes it a van that’s built for your business. The large load width of up to 1614 mm in both the new Caddy Cargo and new Caddy Maxi Cargo mean that you can carry everything you need in one trip. With the addition of an optional overhead storage compartment, you’ll get even more out of your transportation. The 6-lashing rings enable tighter load securing and ensures that whatever you’re carrying, it’s always secure.

Intelligent driving

Reliable features for safer driving

The optional cruise control system with speed limiter takes the pressure off your drive. By simply setting your desired speed, you can keep your eyes on the road, while the new Caddy Cargo keeps your speed in check. Optional front and rear Park Distance Control with audio alerts make parking your van seamless.

*Caddy Cargo with full wheel cover as standard, not shown

Brake Technology

Enjoy the simplicity of parking and driving in the new Caddy Cargo with advanced brake technology. Auto-hold stops your car from accidentally rolling backwards or forward on a slope, so you don’t have to worry about applying the parking brake or whether you’re braking hard enough. The electronic parking brake (E-Brake) ensures that your car is securely parked. With the touch of a button, an indicator light reassures you that the brake is on. So, when you’re ready to drive all you have to do is activate the brake pedal and push the button.

Engineering and performance

Engine and transmissions

The new Caddy Cargo is available in the following models:

  • Caddy Cargo 1.6i 81kW 152Nm SWB
  • Caddy Cargo 2.0 TDI 81kW 300Nm SWB
  • Caddy Maxi Cargo 2.0 TDI 81kW 300Nm LWB

The new Caddy Cargo has two powerful combustion engines, one diesel and one petrol for efficient and economical driving. With tested and reliable engines, the new Caddy Cargo makes your drive more fuel efficient than ever.

*Caddy Cargo with full wheel cover as standard, not shown

Modular Transverse Matrix

The new Caddy Cargo comes with innovative modern technology made to improve your drive. The Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) unlocks access to the latest driving technology and creates a more comfortable drive.

Trim Levels

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