Service and Repairs

Service and Repairs

Eastern Cape to freeze state

Eastern Cape to freeze state

Wherever the road takes you this winter, ensure that you have your Volkswagen’s coolant levels checked. Book a free coolant check with us.

We have a committed team of Technicians to ensure that you and your Volkswagen are always taken care of. We give your Volkswagen the love it deserves and ensure it runs exactly as it should. After all no one knows your Volkswagen better than we do.

Quality, performance, and reliability.

When you buy a Volkswagen, you know you are getting so much more than just a car, and, because no one knows your Volkswagen better than we do, you will always get service and parts of the highest international standard. So make sure you give your Volkswagen the love it deserves and ensures it runs exactly as it should.

It makes sense to let the people who built you Volkswagen, service your Volkswagen. Ensure only the best expertise, quality, and safety standards through world-class customer service, and the use of 100% Volkswagen Parts.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the quality of engine oil used in your vehicle.
Our new Volkswagen Group Genuine Engine Oils.
  • Impressive levels of sludge control management
  • An altogether healthier, reliable engine
  • Less likely to resist a cold start

We cam. You saw.
We captured.

Service so transparent you can see through

With Volkswagen Service Cam, we take you through the service before it even begins. You will now be able to view services that are required for your car. You call it transparency. We call it service.

Once you book your service appointment, all you have to do is let us know if you’d like to be contacted through email or mobile. We will take it from there.

A video showcase will give you a glimpse into all the additional services your car needs. From tyre replacement to brake pad wear, find out exactly what requires our care.

After thoroughly viewing the video showcased to you, Service Cam enables you to approve the added services and costs associated with them. Only after your go-ahead will all the required services be undertaken by us.

Once the service procedures are complete, your Volkswagen will be dropped off at your premises, or be ready to be picked up from the workshop.

Peace of mind with Volkswagen
EasyDrive Maintenance and Service Plans

Warranty, Service, and Maintenance Plans.

We know that you chose your Volkswagen because it’s perfectly suited to you. But if for some reason, there’s a defect due to manufacturing, you never have to worry. Volkswagen Passenger and Commercial Vehicles come standard with a variation of Warranties (i.e. Standard, Paint, and Corrosion)” and EasyDrive Maintenance and Service Plans.

Please see the table below for the Standard EasyDrive Vehicle Plans offering and our Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plans extensions of up to 10 years or 400 000km which is model and vehicle usage-specific.

Our range of EasyDrive Vehicle Plans also offers you protection against future repair and servicing costs over the lifespan of your vehicle giving you peace of mind.

Finding the right kind of EasyDrive Vehicle Plan that leaves you and your Volkswagen covered, is as important to us as it is to you.

*Some vehicles do not come standard with Service or Maintenance Plans

#CarCareTips: Topping up on coolant

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Courtesy Vehicles

We always strive to go the extra mile for our customers to ensure that they are not without transport* whilst their vehicle is booked in for a Service and/or repairs**.

Warranty-Related Repairs

*However, please note that courtesy vehicles are for warranty-related repairs only and are free of charge and subject to availability. **Should a courtesy vehicle (subject to availability) – for non-warranty related work be required, a daily fee of R350 will apply with a 100 km travel restriction per day.

Service / Service-Related Repairs

We are able to shuttle Service customers to home or work (see rates below) as we are not obliged to offer a courtesy vehicle for servicing or service-related repairs. If your vehicle is booked in for a Service and or service-related repairs and should be collected at/delivered to a surrounding area, the following rates will apply:

Free of charge

R100 (collect and deliver vehicle)

R50 (collect or deliver vehicle)

R300 (collect and deliver vehicle)

R150 (collect or deliver vehicle)

R350 (collect and deliver vehicle)

R200 (collect or deliver vehicle)

R500 (collect and deliver vehicle)

R250 (collect or deliver vehicle)

Terms and conditions apply.

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